Hello Goodbye

TV Series - Hello Goodbye
Pivotal Media & Forté Entertainment

Syndicate mixed this new series from Pivotal Media and Forté Entertainment for CBC.  Season Finale airs February 10, 2017.

Congrats on the CSA nominations!

Snapshots - Catch Me In Action

Forté Entertainment & Headtrip Films

Airing on Kids' CBC 1

SNAPSHOTS is an interactive television series that engages school-aged children in a competition to use photography to share their vision of the world around them. In each episode, 3 children will complete a photography assignment and compete to take the best shot that will win the episodic prize. Best Photo EVER!

Congrats on the Shaw Rocket Prize nomination!

The Missing Evidence

TV Series - CH5 UK
Blink Films

Syndicate was selected to compose and mix original theme music for The Missing Evidence - This series investigates compelling testimonies and explosive accusations surrounding history's great mysteries and legends.

Let's Get Hitched

TV Series - Let's Get Hitched
Pivotal Media & Forté Entertainment

Syndicate mixed this touching pilot about weddings at City Hall. This series, currently in development, used interior and exterior interviews shot around Toronto City Hall. 

Daryl Duke presentation reel

Documentary Teaser - Darryl Duke Foundation
Jawbreaker Films

Syndicate recorded the VO and did the sound design for this Documentary Sizzle Reel that focuses on the incredible career of Canadian Filmmaker Daryl Duke and his foundation that grants scholarships to Canadian Filmmakers. 


Project Runway

TV Series - Project Runway Canada
Insight Productions

When Insight brought Project Runway to Canada, Syndicate was tapped to compose and mix music for this high fashion series with urban street cred. Project Runway went on to win a Gemini for Best Reality Program or Series.

Keys To The VIP

TV Series - Keys To The VIP
Buck Productions

Syndicate composed original music and sculpted the sound for 3 seasons of Keys to the VIP - the now infamous series about clubbing and women. The show presented challenges in that all the club music had to be replaced under dialogue recorded on a multitude of microphones in live club situations.  Syndicate mixed all the episodes in speaker worthy 5.1.  

Escarpment Blues

Music Documentary - Escarpment Blues - Sarah Harmer
Director Andy Keen
2007 JUNO award winner for Best Music DVD

Syndicate is proud to have worked with director Andy Keen on Sarah Harmer's I Love The Escarpment tour accompanying DVD "Escarpment Blues."  The award wining DVD showcased Harmer's quest to protect a World Biosphere Reserve.  The Syndicate team edited the dialogue and musical performances and mixed in 5.1 for the DVD release.

Real Renos

TV Series - Real Renos
Smashing Pictures

Syndicate shaped the audio shenanigans of Jim Caruk and crew on Real Renos.  The post audio team from Syndicate deftly constructed the dialogue edit, sound design, and mix for this renovation/reveal staple of Canadian television.

Deals From The DarkSide

TV Series - Deals From The Darkside
Buck Productions

Syndicate created the spooky sound design for all things creepy in Deals from the Darkside, a tv series following eccentric collector of dark relics Steve Santini.  The team polished the shows with a no teeth chattering dialogue edit and eerie 5.1 surround mix.


Worst Thing I Ever Did

TV Series - Worst Thing I Ever Did
eONE TV & Discovery ID

Syndicate produced the audio post, sound deisign, and v/o record for Worst Thing I Ever Did, a series chronicling past transgressions and present day confessions through a series of studio interviews and historic recreations.  The 5.1 mix intesified the question - would you be willing to make a confession on national television?

Star Racer

TV Series - Star Racer
Insight Productions

Syndicate composed and mixed the theme and guitar fueled underscore for the series Star Racer which chronicled the discovery and episode-by-episode elimination of some of the top amateur Kart drivers in Canada.  

Great Taste No Money

TV Series -Great Taste No Money
Smashing Pictures
ROLE - Post Audio Edit and Mix (2 seasons)

Syndicate post produced the audio for 2 seasons of Great Taste/No Money a reality design show that revealed just how easy and accessible good taste and flair can be.  Syndicate's team handled both the edit and mix for all episodes


5 Seekers

TV Series - 5 Seekers
Allan Novak

Syndicate was selected to compose and mix original music for 5 Seekers - a combination of soul exploring, mystical music and emotional transition pieces.  5 Seekers was Gemini nominated for best reality series.  


The Mystery of San Nicandro

Feature Doc - The Mystery of San Nicandro
Matter Of Fact Media

Syndicate was brought in to mix this beautifully scored feature doc about religious conversions in San Nicandro, Italy.   Dialogue edit and voice over record was handled in Syndicate's studios.  The 5.1 mix interwove the music with Syndicate's carefully crafted sound design to create a mystical backdrop for this inspiring story.



Feature Film - SEEK
Amber Lens Production

Composer Kevon Cronin supervised the recording of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra through our Source Connect patch.  Kevon and the Syndicate team watched the recording in real time.  Syndicate then took the reins, editing and mixing the final cues in rich 5.1 surround. 


Indie Feature - SCARS
TRB Productions, Director Sean K Robb

Syndicate sound supervised SCARS, an exploration of morality and ethics in a post 9/11 world.  The Syndicate team worked with the director to create gruesome sound design and Foley, crisp dialogue edit, and a lushly terrifying 5.1 surround sound mix.

Guides & Gurus

TV Series - Guides & Gurus
Seekers Television Inc.

Syndicate created with traditional and culture specific instrumentation to explore the spiritual side of existence.  The team composed music for the series produced by Allan Novak and Ralph Benmergui.